The broad objectives of the institute are:

  • To advance the managerial and leadership capabilities of micro and small-scale entrepreneurs and expand the social base of the Pakistani entrepreneurial genre;
  • To enhance the number of motivated, competent women entrepreneurs in the country through intensive training and skill enhancement programs;
  • To support the development and promotion of consumers markets for small and micro-enterprises, especially those which are owned and managed by women;
  • To promote the fair integration of women, particularly those from rural areas, in mainstream markets by piloting and documenting new approaches to market access and by disseminating best practices in the area;
  • To contribute to new knowledge and insight in entrepreneurial theory, BDS market development and sub-sector/value chain practices through research and pilot projects;
  • To enlarge the existing cadre of local trainers, community motivators and institutions to undertake entrepreneurship and value chain development;
  • To network both individual entrepreneurs and development organizations to share learning for the accomplishment of common goals; and
  • To advocate for greater policy and resource focus on women empowerment through awareness-raising and sensitization on a range of gender and other developmental concerns.

ECDI is a member of the SEEP Network, Washington DC and a founding curatorial organisation for the Women of the World (WOW) festival in Pakistan