(Women’s Economic Network)

Regional Women’s Economic Network (RWEN) is a network of women’s associations from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Tajikistan (PAT) working together for sustainable, and socio-economic advancement of member entrepreneurs. The initial membership of the Network includes:


  • Pakistan: Association of Women Entrepreneurs in Small or Medium Enterprises (AWESOME).
  • Afghanistan: Afghanistan Women’s Business Council (AWBC),
  • Tajikistan : The National Association of Business Women of Tajikistan (NABWT)
RWEN aimed to promote and facilitate business relationships and opportunities among and within member organizations, who are micro-entrepreneurs facing challenging environments, so that shared learning, growth and scale-up of their businesses can be realized through direct access to high value markets. This was undertaken by promoting cross-learning and mutual support among participating associations at country and regional levels, through exchange of experiences and new ideas; integrating women into private sector by participating in regional and international conferences, meetings and events e.g. (ILO BDS seminar, SEEP AGM, etc); and understanding and applying value chain and market development approaches.